Isaid no it's not a function but why isn't it a function?

Isaid no it's not a function but why isn't it a function?


It will only be a function if every x-value only has one y-value.

When x=0, there are y-values at both 6 and 10.

When x=-1, there are y-values at both 4 and 12.

When x=-2, there are y-values at both 2 and 14.

This graphs a sideways parabola, which is not a function because there are multiple y-values for every x-value that isn't zero.
Because -2x Can't have two values, this also applies for -1x, these are tricky though because y can have any number of x values, but x can only have one y value.
It's not a function because the x value repeated but wasn't accompanied by the same y value . there is (-2,2) and (-2,14) but if they had the same y value like (-2,2) and (-2,2) or (-2,14) and (-2,14) the table would represent a function. If you still dont understand I'll be more than happy to elaborate :)

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