49/63 reduced fraction



constant acceleration- a

constant velocity- c

no velocity or acceleration- b


for body moving with a constant acceleration, the rate of change of displacement changes over time. this is proven by the increasing gradient of the curve (a) against time.

a body that is moving at constant velocity covers equal distances over equal periods of time, thus the straight line with a constant gradient c.

a stationary body   covers no displacement as time elapses. thus the flat line with   zero gradient.

Use the drop-down menus to answer each question. which line represents the movement of a cart with a
To reduce a fraction, you must find what number goes into both the numerator and denominator evenly.

In this case, 7 goes into each number evenly.

All we need to do now is divide each number by 7.

49 / 7 = 7
63 / 7 = 9,
You place 7 over 9 and you get your answer!


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