Tessie has a volleyball game at 6: 45 pm. she needs to be there 15 minutes early to warm up for the game, and it takes her 40 minutes to get to the gym. what time should she leave her house?


the answer is c.

step-by-step explanation:

  about 5.6 days

step-by-step explanation:

we can fill the given information into the decay equation and solve for the value of t at which half the sample remains.

\dfrac{11}{2} =11e^{-0.1247t} \qquad\text{decay equation with values filled in}\\\\\dfrac{1}{2}=e^{-0.1247t} \qquad\text{divide by 11}\\\\-\ln{(2)}=-0.1247t \qquad\text{take the natural log}\\\\\dfrac{\ln{(2)}}{0.1247}=t\approx 5.559\approx 5.6\qquad\text{divide by -0.1247}

the half-life is about 5.6 days.

She needs to leave at 3:55 in order to get there 15 minutes before the game :) hope this helps!

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