Find the radius of a cylinder that has a height of 20 and a volume of 7599.

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step-by-step explanation: sry but any answer choices...Read More
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Profit  14.28%      Discount 20%Step-by-step explanation:Selling price     100Marked price   125 (25%more)Cost price     87.5(125=125*30%)  Profit 12.5/87.5*100= 14.28%Discount   2...Read More
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x=17step-by-step explanation: solve 3x-24=x+10then that makes it 2x=34 because you subtract an x from both sides to get rid of the one on the right, and then you add 24 to both sid...Read More
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i you goofed up when writing this, because hnot is not a word minusf is not either. i cannot answer   because of that.step-by-step explanation:...Read More
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a. her results provide evidence in support of her hypothesisExplanation:A hypothesis can be described as a predicted statement(s), which includes the information or explanation fo...Read More
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the value of x is 9 ⇒ answer bstep-by-step explanation: * we can solve this problem using cosine and sine rule- in δ abc∵ ab = 36 , bc = 28 , ac = 16- lets find the measure of angl...Read More
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