If your phone is on 100 percent battery, and you drain 45 percent of it, then charge 22 percent more, how much battery do you have on your phone?

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Ifound this on google “that means that the graph of a function with direct variation has these features: it is a straight line: because the slope is the ratio y/x = k. it passes...Read More
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guess at question: a vertical line intersects the graph of g(x,y) = 0 at two points. what conclusion follows about the function f(x) implicitly defined by g(x,f(x)) = 0? the domain...Read More
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The given inequalities arePart AThe graph is shown below.The shaded regions indicate where both inequalities hold.Notice that when y changes sign, the sign of the inequality gets f...Read More
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Step-by-step explanation:Given: The lengths of the parallel sides of the trapezoid are 14 ft and 24 ft. The height of the trapezoid= 12 ft. We know that area of trapezoid is given...Read More
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d) by the cross product property, ab^2 = bc multiplied by adstep-by-step explanation: we are given in the given triangle abcangle a is 90° and segment ad is perpendicular to segmen...Read More
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