How is y=1/2x+3 and 2y=x+6 equivalent?



d. 10


the distance from point y to wx is the height of the triangle.

using pythagoras theorem,

(zy )^{2} +10^{2} = {(10 \sqrt{2}) }^{2}

(zy )^{2} +100= 200

group similar terms to get,

(zy )^{2}= 200 - 100

this implies that,

(zy )^{2}=100

take positive square root of both sides to get,

zy = \sqrt{100}

this implies that,

zy = 10

What is the distance from point y to wx in the figure below



Multiply the whole equation by 2 and you will get 2y=x+6
As the second equation is equivalent if you divide the entire equation by 2

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