16 is of 20

the blank in the middle of the two numbers is where i need the answer.


1. 0.3 •4 is the same as 4 groups of 0.32. 7•0.8 is the same as 7 groups of 0.83. it increases by 0.5 every time, so 0.5x4 it increases by 0.9 every time, so 0.9x5. 0.9•12=10.86. 0.47•5=2.35i can finish the next ones in a separate post
Can someone plz me 1 to 37 . i will earn 10 points

answer: okw

step-by-step explanation:

16 is 80% of 20. 80% is the same as .8. .8×20 is 16.
16 is 80% of 20. 80% is the same as .8. .8×20 is 16.

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