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a football team lost 9 yards on first down and 4 yards on second down. it gained 5 yards on third down. how many yards does he need to gain on fourth down to have a 10yard gain from its starting position.


I Beileve It's 18 Yards


Step-by-step explanation:

You need 8 more to get to the started position

13 - 5 = 8

and 10 more to get the 10 yard gain

10+9 (because first down starts at 10 yards, add 9 therefore at 19) 19+4 (add for to previous answer) 23-5 (23 subtracted by five because they gained 5 yards so it will be opposite to adding when losing yards) 18 yards is how much they need to gain to get 10 yards past the first down at 10 yards. hope I helped (:  
18 yards.
i hope this helps!

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