What does -1/2x=6 what does x equal


answer: 4 meters

step-by-step explanation: to you understand 2/3 better you can do 1 divided by 3 = . then multiply that by the 2 which is .66666666666666667 then you would do 6 x .66666666666666667 which is 4.      

hope this .

The answer is c. 7 (i think) i’m almost sure though
Multiply both sides by 2
-1x = 12
divide both sides by -1
x = -12

Hope this helps :)
Well, we would solve it as cancelling out -1/2 by multiplying it by its reciprocal (-2/1) to get x by itself, and now we'll do the same on the other side, where 6/1 times -2/1 = -12/1, which is the same as -12.
So x = -12 :3

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