Draw algebra tile models to prove that 4+8x and 4 (2x+1) are equivalent


Modelling Algebraic expressions can be done through Algebra Tiles, this is done through squares and rectangles both representing variables and numbers. 4+8x and 4(2x+1) is equivalent because of its distributive property, in the second equation 4 is distributed or multiplied to 2x+1 making it 8x+4. To represent this with Algebra tiles, you need to divide the paper into two, draw a vertical line in the middle that represents equal sign and on the first column, you need to draw 4 squares and beside it are 8 thin rectangles and on the second column you need to draw 8 thin rectangles and beside it are 4 squares. If you can picture it out, basically both equations are equivalent.
I'm not sure but I hope this helps
4+8x and 4 (2x+1)
4+16 and 4 (4+1)
20 and 4 (5)
20 and 20
I hope this is ok !
1)Because if u add 8+4 which is 12 and u just leave the x with the 12 which is 12x which is ur answer.

2)if you multiply 4 and 2x or 4•2x which is 8x and you if u multiply 4 and 1 which is 4 and you are left with 8x+4 which is 12x.

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