Aperson might accidentally overdraw because they did not reconcile their statement. true false


answer 1 : option "c"

answer 2 : option "d"

answer 3 : option "b"

answer 4 : option "d"

answer 5 : option "b"

answer 6 : option "a"

answer 7 : option "c"

answer 8 : option "d"

answer 9 : option "c"

answer 10 : option "d"

answer 11 : option "c"

answer 12 option "b"

answer 13 option "c"

answer 14 option "c"

answer 15 option "d"

answer 16 option "a"

answer 17 option "b"

answer 18 option "c"

answer 19 option "a"

answer 20 option "a"

answer 21 option "c"


A. p = 2(l + w)p/2 - l = ww = p/2 - l b. while isolating the variable w in the equation, i first divided both sides by 2 and then i subtracted l from both sides. i hope this .


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This statement is true.

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