How is the area of a sail related to the weight of the pilot on a hang glider?


answer: just subtact the units and then add the non negative : happy to

step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

simple math really

6 1/2 times 0.6 = 3.9

but if you are just doing 6 and not 6 1/2 then the answer is 3.6

The area of the sail is correlated to the weight of the pilot on the hang glider because the surface area of the sail needs to be able to lift ≤ (greater than or equal to) weight of the pilot.
The correct answer is:

The larger the surface area of the sail, the heavier the pilot can be and safely use the glider.


A hang glider must be able to support the weight of the pilot.  The air pushing up under the sail (wing) of the glider helps support the weight.  The more sail (wing) that you have, the more air pushing up, and the more weight it can hold.

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