Find two numbers the quotient is between. then estimate the quotient


Its between 98 and 99
and an estimation is 100
It would be 7.68 because you divided 

The quotient will be between 18 and 19.

Estimated quotient will be 18.75

Step-by-step explanation:

The closest number to 75 which is divisible by 4 and less than 75 is :  72  and

the closest number to 75 which is divisible by 4 and greater than 75 is :   76

Now,  72 \div 4= 18 and 76\div 4= 19

That means, the quotient for (75\div4) will be between 18 and 19.

As, 75 is 1 less than 76, so the quotient will be \frac{1}{4} or 0.25 less than 19.

So, the quotient will be:  19-0.25= 18.75

53/3=17.66. This number is between 17 and 18 but closest to 18 so the answer of the estimation of the quotient is 18.
215/9 =23.88 repeating.
16 & 18
17.6 repeating
Yeah what is the quotient
Yeah what is the quotient
What are the numbers
What are the numbers

Do you know the answer?

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