Accounts payable had a normal starting balance of $800. there were debit postings of $600 and credit postings of $300 during the month. the ending balance is a

a. $500 credit.

b. $1,000 debit.

c. $500 debit.

d. $1,000 credit


The answer is 4 points

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step-by-step explanation:

The normal balance of an accounts payable is credit.
So you start with $800-cr
Any debit posting will reduce that normal balance and any credit posting will increase the normal balance.

The $600 debit posting will create a $200 credit balance(800-600)

The $300 credit posting will create a $500 credit balance(300+200)

A. $500 - Credit.

It may help to figure it out if you create a t-chart and enter the amounts.

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