Mr. davis's students were surveyed on their favorite subject. one fifth prefer math, 0.35 prefer social studies, and 45% prefer reading/literature. order the subjects from least to greatest.


The correct answer would be
I believe the answer would be C. And if i'm wrong, then i understand :)

Thee first part in a sentence about which the second part, the predicate, tells something.

The statement does not seem to be accurate.There are a lot of authors who contributed to making American literature unique.William Faulkner is one of them.He wrote taking into account the land of Mississipi.Using it as a setting for his works is an example of unique literature.In The Sound and the Fury he depics  aristochratic people   from the South of the country and the corruption of certain values they had.It is a local matter only interpreted though his eyes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is another example.In his poem Good Bye he seems to be greeting his beloved land, with its coasts and hills;  it is America he says good bye to.Hie essay writing topics are about America. Thake The Preacher , for instance.He criticises the work done , or not , in his homeland.."But the sentiment that pervades a nation, the nation must react upon" it is incomparable America he talks about.

Topics such as religion, social organization around the land and it attributes, love and hate are developed in American Unique literature.The genres vary.There are poets , story tellers and essay writers.

it is like what type of something you are doing


I disagree with Alexis de Tocqueville's remark, Literature may work through grammar syntax and semantics but there are no actual standards that would make a piece of work qualify as literature.

Authors such as; Mark Twain, who had a distinctive style of writing, helped give a strong description to his works and a vivid sense of realism. Mark Twain was known for writing in a carefree style. In the first bit of 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,' the style of writing was unrefined and raw and it was slightly difficult to understand since it was filled with slang. However, it became clear that the character in his work was meant to give off a carefree aura. Aside from the dialect that Mark Twain used he also used an imagery sense of realism to his settings and characters, this allowed the reader to understand the characters a bit more. In Mark Twain's writings, he was able to interact with deeper meanings and underlying themes through simple stories.

Another example that could be taken is of; Edgar Allan Poe, his use of terror  made him famous as a popular gothic writer. His writings were a way to express political sentiments, particularly regarding racism, slavery and social distinctions. He was known for his eerie writing style, which was created through his use of punctuation. The tone of his work would be set by his word choice and his descriptive writing. Poe believed that his punctuation made a point, this allowed the reader to feel the full effect of the sentence. Poe's writings were usually based on revenge, murder, and other sorts of eerie themes, this would leave the reader to determine the cause of motives.

Poe also used other different tools that would captivate his audience.

Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe were both amazing writers in the 19th century, they both had a unique sense of writing and were not mainstream writers. Even though their work was different from other, but that does not mean that their writings were not a proper form of literature.



use of logos

B. Common theme issues.


In the sentence, it appears the word frequently that gives you a clue about how often are those issues are used in literature. Frequently meant that is used at short intervals.

The other options are not related to the meaning of what the sentence is trying to say.

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1.Math studies
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