WILL GIVE BRAINLESST a clothing store is selling t-shirts for $12 each. which graph shows the relationship between the number of t-shirts, x,the store sold and the total amount of dollar, y,earned in t-shirt sale?


Step-by-step explanation:

Exact Form:



Decimal Form:


Mixed Number Form:

17 21/32

Neither of the graphs show a proportional relationship.

Step-by-step explanation:

A proportional relationship is also known as a linear relationship, where when the points are plotted on the graph, the points increase or decrease at a constant rate. This will appear as a straight line with NO change.

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B. -\frac{7}{10} = -.7

Step-by-step explanation:

Replace all occurrences of  −  −  with a single  +. Two consecutive minus signs have the same mathematical meaning


Find the common denominator.

\frac{-.75*20}{20} +\frac{2*4}{20} +\frac{.4*20}{20}-\frac{3*5}{20}

Simplify terms.


Simplify the numerator.


Reduce the expression by cancelling the common factors.


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repeated words in a narrative

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Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:


Because for every a shirt it’s $12 each.

Therefore for example If you buy 3, it will cost 36


Step-by-step explanation: this is the answer you can star resolving the equation into the parenthesis

(3/6)² + 7 *4  - 5

if we elevate to the power of 2 the values into the parenthesis, we get the following equation.

(9/36) + 7*4 -5

after this we follow with the values into the parenthesis, if you divide 9 over 36 we get the following result

9/36 = 0.25

then we get the following equation

0.25 +7*4 - 5

after that we can resolve the multiplication getting the following equation

0.25 +28 - 5

then if we resolve the subtraction, we will get this result.

28-5 = 23

then we have 0.25 + 23 this equation is equal to 23.25

if you follow the answer will be one with 23, then we get the possible results, if you divide 1/4=0.25

then we get that the result is


19. Complete sentence
20. Fragment
21. Fragment

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