Tate purchased a pair of slippers on the internet for a retail price of $16. After 6.5% sales tax, how much were the slippers?


plants store their excess carbohydrate in the form of starch so that it could be used as energy source later on. the excess carbohydrate is converted into starch in the plastid i.e. chloroplast & this process occurs in the presence of sunlight. it is an insoluble polymer of glucose which gets stored in cell organelles named as amyloplasts. in some plants, starch is also stored in roots and embryos.

7.666270253x10 raised to the 18th power


Step-by-step explanation:

Given data

Total cost= $16

tax= 6.5%

let the actual cost of the slippers be x

6.5/100*x+ x= 16

0.065x+x= 16

1.065x= 16

divide both sides by 1.065

x= 16/1.065

x= 15.02

Hence the actual cost of the slippers is $15.02

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