Help with my geometry!!

Help with my geometry!!


w\geq 14

the smallest possible measurement of the width is 14 feet

step-by-step explanation:

let's assume length of parallelogram is 'l'

width of parallelogram is 'w'

the perimeter of a parallelogram must be no less than 40 feet

so, we get

2l+2w\geq 40

we are given

length of parallelogram is 6 feet



we can plug it

2\times 6+2w\geq 40

now, we can solve for w

12+2w\geq 40

subtract both sides by 12

12+2w-12\geq 40-12

2w\geq 28

divide both sides by 2

and we get

w\geq 14


the smallest possible measurement of the width is 14 feet

she will most likely have 33  

step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

I think that is the answer and I am sorry if it is wrong!

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