A rental car company charges $23.95 per day to rent a car and $0.08 for every mile driven. Nathan wants to rent a car, knowing that:
He plans to drive 400 miles.
He has at most $440 to spend.


The percent increase is 25%

answer: $201

step-by-step explanation: to get the answer, you first get 3 nieces that he sold and multiply it by 67 and get $201, so he earned $201 selling his nieces.

the red lines denote the population of the bacteria after 35 hours. that would be 2,409.24. the y-intercept is the blue line which is 800 because that is the starting point. the equation used to make the graph is 800(1.032)^h, where h is the number of hours.

step-by-step explanation:

is only a line? i think so

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