Can someone help me find X ? ​

Can someone help me find X ? ​


0.69 yards

step-by-step explanation:

there are 36 inches in a yard

25 : 36 = 0.69 yards (you can round to 0.70)

any options?

step-by-step explanation:

Abox has a length of 6 centimeters a width of 4 centimeters and a height of 5 centimeters jen filled

your answer would be 12

answer: the answer is (b) amie should have multiplied


step-by-step explanation: given a sphere and a cylinder with same radius and height.

let, 'r' be the radius of the cylinder and sphere and 'h' be the height of the cylinder. according to the question,

r = h.

now, the volume of the sphere will be

v_s=\pi r^2h=\pi r^3,

and the volume of the cylinder will be

v_c=\dfrac{4}{3}\pi r^3=54~\textup{m}^3.

therefore, we have

v_c=\dfrac{4}{3}v_s=\dfrac{4}{3}\times 54=72~\textup{m}^3.

thus, ammie should have multiplied the volume of the sphere 54~\textup{m}^3~\textup{by}~\dfrac{4}{3}\pi.

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