Please help. I dont understand how to do this

Please help. I dont understand how to do this


answer: i'm not going to give you the answer, but some hints to work it out.

step-by-step explanation: so, if there is a straight line that means that the line angle is 180°. so we subtract the 2 angle measures provided, (15 and 38) from 180. so the answer is 180 - (38 + 15). (you have to solve the equation)

Find the measure of the missing angle pls me plsssss
Find the perimeter of the figure shown above with a side length 5 units.(each figure is a square).a.10 unitsc.30 unitsb.20 unitsd.40 units select the best answer from the choices providedabcdmark this and return

Step-by-step explanation:

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