What value makes LaTeX: \frac{1}{3}x=31 3 x = 3 true?


-4, -2, 1, 4

step-by-step explanation:

domain = x values

range = y values

What is the domain of the relation?

b. 1.25 hr

step-by-step explanation:

if you have a constant speed of 60 mph, then you have a ratio between 60 mi. to 1 hr. dividing both sides by 60 we get the ratio

1 mi. to \frac{1}{60} hr\\

then mult. both sides by 75 we get the ratio

75 mi. to \frac{75}{60} hr\\

simplifying we get

75 mi. to \frac{5}{4} hr

or 1.25 hr.

yes it is

Step-by-step explanation:

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