A U-Haul moving truck covered a total distance of 6223 kilometers averaging a speed of 47 km/h in slow moving traffic and 87 km/h in fast moving traffic. The journey took 89 hours.


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If the diameter is 8 than the radius is 4 because 2r or 2*radius equals the diameter. 4*2=8. 8/2=4.


step-by-step explanation:

the quadrant is facing upwards

use an equation of ratios to determine the amount of gas needed to fill the tank.

    0.2             0.8


288.75             x

                                                              231 gal

so, 0.2x = (0.8)(288.75 gal), and x = = 1155 gal.


it would take 1155 gal. to fill the tank.

the cost would be

1155 gal         $3

* = $3465   (answer)

      1           1 gal

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