Can you help pleas


Because they shared the same belief that all men were created equal.

Uh I think maybe b

“Did you move?”


uh yeah that sounds right bc it sounds like someone’s like

Did you move? (Away from them. Towards them. To another place.)

Mexican American War divided the North and South through conquering land and dividing it through the people.


I think B: Did you move


It sounds most exciting (hence building up to the climax)


Step-by-step explanation:

I = P x R x T

825 x 0.06 x1 = $49.50 interest

825.00 + 49.50 = $874.50 total cost for the phone after a year

he is 1,305 feet below sea level

Step-by-step explanation:

805 + 500 = 1305 ft

he is 1,305 feet below sea level

Yes  ican

Step-by-step explanation:

Do you know the answer?

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