Recall the Spice Girls Emporium example. A list of useful information is given below. n = 36 The sample mean income is $41,100 The population standard deviation is estimated to be $4,500 What if we wanted to change our level of confidence to be 99%? What would our new margin of error be? Your answer should be given as an integer.


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Margin of error = 1932

Step-by-step explanation: Margin of Error is the amount of variation a survey's results have. In other words, it is understood as the measure of variation one can see if the same survey was taken multiple times.

Margin of error is calculated as z\frac{\sigma}{\sqrt{n}}

z is z-score related to the percentage of confidence, in this z = 2.576

σ is population standard deviation

n is how many individuals are there in the sample or population

With a new level of confidence of 99%:

ME = 2.576.\frac{4500}{\sqrt{36}}

ME = 2.576(750)

ME = 1932

The new margin of error would be 1932.

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