Given the following exponential function, identify whether the change represents growth or decay, and determine the percentage rate of increase or decrease. y=46(1.034)^x y=46(1.034) x


he will have 300 because he is really broke and 300 is in his imangine

step-by-step explanation: he ehe heh step by the thy


step-by-step explanation:

the answer is 3-4 because both 45 and 60 has a multiple of 15.



therefore the odds against selecting a red is 4-3


step-by-step explanation:

draw the shape and you will see that f and k are actually at adjacent vertices (points of the hexagon that are neighboring).   so find the distance between (1,2) and (4,2).   that is easy since (1,2) and (4,2) is just a vertical distance to count, which is 3.   it is a regular polygon which means all sides are congruent.   you have 6 sides (hexa) so multiply 6 by 3 to receive 18.

1. 22

2. 1

3. 7

4. 18

step-by-step explanation

e2020 got it right

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