Please help!! There is a photo of my question

Please help!! There is a photo of my question


The first one is A
Second and third one C
Fourth one is B

is this a joke


Id gonna read all of this.


From the author's descriptions of the attic door, I get the sense that the writer is extremely anxious about what may be behind the door; thus, I would say that sentences B. or D. would best convey that.


The answer you will give, as someone who is more informed on the question than I, wholly depends on the feeling you'd want to evoke.

Sentence A.

This kindles irrepressible curiosity in the reader as to what's in the boxes, not so much anxiety, in my opinion.

Sentence B.

This shows that the room is very old, musty, and has a rather unsettling atmosphere, unperturbed for a very long time. It gives the reader a sense of suspense with the cloud of dust and coughing and gasping for fresh air.

Sentence C.

I feel like this sentence makes the writer feel a little more self-important and may suggest that they are vain, although it is a completely valid point, in my opinion. This supports the eerie ideas surrounding the attic, and what all other people, the author included (before having opened the door), thought was within the room, while also conveying a sense of accomplishment and pride at what they have done.

Sentence D.

This sentence here, I feel, evokes less of a sentiment of anxiety, but more one of curiosity. There are all these boxes around, taped shut, none having been disturbed in the longest time. This makes the reader wonder what can be in those boxes that have been closed and untouched for so long.

Personally, I would choose sentence B. to insert before the sixth sentence. This would make it "Finally, holding my breath, I grabbed the key from my pocket and unlocked the door. As I stepped into the room, a cold breeze brought me chills and a cloud of dust burst into the air as I coughed and gasped for fresh air; I was convinced no one had been in this room for ages, and I was the first explorer. (6) To my surprise, it was a room full of treasure!" (you could mention that, after some looking around, it was concluded that it was a room of treasure, perhaps for some more context).

Awesome tale! I found no errors :)



it is not a because you can't physically fell it only your thoughts. not c because you can't physically feel people are scared can you? it is not d because that would be after. so we are left with b the correct answer.

hope this helps you

-wing that 92 + 122 = 152, draw the 9 cm side and the 12 cm

with a right angle between them. The 15 cm side will fit to

form a right triangle,

B. Knowing that 62 +92 < 122, draw the 6 cm side and the 9 cm side

with a right angle between them. The 12 cm side will fit to form a

right triangle

C. Knowing that 92 + 122 = 152, draw any two of the sides with a right

angle between them. The third side will fit to form a right triangle

D. Knowing that 62 + 122 + 152, draw the 6 cm side and the 12 cm

side with a right angle between them. The 15 cm side will fit to

form a right triangle

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