In the triangle shown, find the length of the side marked 2, correct to 3 significant figures X


X=square*root((12xsin43)-9)=7.61 cm
Volume = base X width X height.

You're missing you width, but you have your base and height, and volume. So;

480=8 X 4 X X
Using the same side of each triangle (10 and 6, 15 and 9) and dividing each pair, you get 1.6. So then you would do 12 • 1.6 to get 20.

x = 20m
This seems like it is a Pythagorean theorem problem.  Using the height and half the base for a^2 +  b^2 = c^2 so 2^2+3^2 = c[x]^2. the answer is square root of 13. 
I might be wrong but I think it is 93 cause each sides of the triangle equals 31.
Can’t tell from the image but it is 3 from where I can tell

It's C mate and good luck

Step-by-step explanation:

15.7 yd

Step-by-step explanation:

Arc length is given as 2πr(θ/360).


Radius (r) = 10 yd,

Measure of arc (θ) = 90°

π = 3.142

Arc length = 2*3.142*10(90/360)

Arc length = 62.84(¼)

Arc length = 62.84/4

Arc length = 15.71 yd

The act length is approximately 15.7 (to the nearest tenth)


Step-by-step explanation:

Using Pythagoras:

{d}^{2} = {(364)}^{2}  - {(336)}^{2}  \\  {d}^{2}  =  132496 - 112896 \\  {d}^{2}  = 19600 \\ d = 140

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