Can you help me with this plz

Can you help me with this plz


1. isolate the variable, in this case, d. subtract 35.5 on both sides of the equation.2. 52 subtracted by 35.5 is 16.53. therefore your answer would be d= 16.5this is the basics of pre algebra, isolating variable through adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, if you have any other questions to ask just comment!


8×-10x + 8×3.5y + 8×-7

-80x + 28y - 56


-80x+28y-56 is the correct answer

Which expressions are equivalent to 8(-10x+3.5y-7)


First we need to find the slope of this given line.

The two points on here are (0,-3) and (3,0)

Apply the slope formula

m = (y2-y1)/(x2 - x1)

m = (0-(-3))/(3-0)

m = (0+3)/(3-0)

m = 3/3

m = 1

The slope of the given line is 1. The negative reciprocal of this is -1, which is the perpendicular slope.

Side Note: Any two perpendicular lines always have their slope multiply to -1, as long as neither line is vertical.

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