Suppose you were to create a scatter plot of the data for speed and distance traveled. would you expect to see a positive, negative , or no relationship betwen the two variables. explain your answer. a. negative relationship; as the speed decreases, the distance increases. b. positive relationship; as the speed decreases, the distance increases. c. positive relationship; as the speed increases, the distance increases. d. no relationship


The answer to this question is C. positive relationship.
imagine it on a graph, the distance on the x axis and the speed on the y axis. so the higher the speed gets, going up the y axis, the farther distance you go on the x axis
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C) positive relationship; as the speed increases, the distance increases.

Step-by-step explanation:

Choice C is the one that makes sense, because a positive relationship happens when the independent variable increases and the dependent variable also increases.

In this case, the speed is the dependent variable and the distance is the independent variable.

On the other hand, it doesn't make sense that as the speed decreases, the distance increases, because the distance and the speed are directly proportional, that is, if one increases the other one also increases.

So, this directly proportional relationship is described choice C, which is a positive relationship, because as the speed increases, the distance also increases.


Step-by-step explanation:

A scatter plot for speed and distance is created.

We know that distance = speed x time

Hence when speed increases, distance increases and similarly when speed decreases, distance decreases.

Thus if we plot on x axis speed and y axis distance, we find that x increases when y increases.

So we find that there is a strong positive relationship between the two variables


where D = distance S= speed and t = time.

Since D varies directly as speed, we have positive relationship.

C positive as speed increases so does distance

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