There are r racecars in the toy box but four are broken. Terrance and Cynthia share the working racecars in a ration of 1:3. Which expression represents the number of racecars Cynthia plays with?
(4r – 4)
(3r - 12)
(ir - 3).
( - 4) rncours


570, the answer is 570, hope it

Its d so thats how it would would back from 1.0 form three four two

10.416 meters per second

step-by-step explanation:

distance=1 00 meters

time= 9.6 seconds in decimal form or 9 3/5 as a mixed number

average speed= 100/9.6

=10.416 meters per second or 10 52/125 as a mixed number.


step-by-step explanation:

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