Dominic had a piece of lumber that was 3/4 of a foot long that he divided into 6 pieces how many feet long was each new piece?


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5x+10 is the correct one

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1.5 inches or 0.125 feet long. First we translate feet into inches to make it easier. 12 inches = 1 foot. 3/4 of 12 inches would be 9 inches. To figure that out 12 inches / 4 PCs =3 inches. You need 3 of those PCs so 3x3 =9 inches which is 3/4 of a foot. Next you divide that into 6 PCs so 9 inches /6 PCs and you get 1.5 inches. Each of the 6 PCs would be 9 inches. If you want to translate back to feet you would just divide 1.5 by 12 which would be 0.125 feet.

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