The equation 4x²+7x-5 .find equation whose roots of a² and b² ​


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125 yards

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i take 75 plus 50.

b. 6

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we are given the table representing an exponential function.

we can see from the table that, as x is increasing, the value of y is increasing in the power of 6.

i.e. the following relation is obtained,

x = 1, y = 6

x = 2, y = 36 = 6^{2}

x = 3, y = 216 = 6^{3}

x = 4, y = 1296 = 6^{4}

x = 5, y = 7776 = 6^{5}

so, the geometric series obtained is 6, 6^{2}, 6^{3}, 6^{4}, 6^{5} .

thus, the common ratio is given by \frac{6^{2}}{6} = \frac{36}{6} = 6.

hence, the common ratio is 6.

It equals 1373.5 that’s the solution

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