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hope it step-by-step explanation: x^(1/6) · x^(1/6) · x^(1/6)   ·x^(1/6) = x^(4/6)   since we add the exponents4/6 can be simplified to 2/3the simplified form is x^(2/3)...Read More
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Part 1) option A Part 2) Table 3 see the attached figureStep-by-step explanation:Part 1) we know thatA relationship between two variables, x, and y, represent a direct variation if...Read More
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Step-by-step explanation:understand that in these types of questions you need to use algebraLuke:first week -x poundssecond week-i don't understandthird week-1+x poundsLiam:first w...Read More
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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, maddy121209
Harris, Ian, Gia, Jackson.Step-by-step explanation:                    Exercising Distance (miles)       Time (minutes) Gia              2                                          ...Read More
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