Calculate the monthly payment for a $2,500 loan at 9% annual interest for two years.

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5895CStep-by-step explanation:Let I be the intial fee and C be the constant fee per meter climbed. Mount kilimanjaro is 5895 m high. So the additional cost for climbing 5895 m is 5...Read More
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B) y = 3Step-by-step explanation:x = -1 is a vertical line.  We want a line that is perpendicular, so it must be a horizontal line.  Horizontal lines are in the form y=  The point...Read More
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correct choice is astep-by-step explanation: the equation of the line passing through the points [tex](x_1,y_1)[/tex] and [tex](x_2,y_2)[/tex] is[tex]\dfrac{x-x_1}{x_2-x_1}=\dfrac{...Read More
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The average number of subscribers to the online magazine in 2010 was 320,000.The percent increase in the average number of subscribers in 2011 to the average number of subscribers...Read More
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