What’s 2 ways 3 people can share a 5 segment chewy fruit worm.?


give everyone one, then split the last two into thirds.

thats all i can think of so sorry :(

Step-by-step explanation:

1. a) SAS makes investments in employee satisfaction, causing morale to be high.  

Employees are retained due to motivating organisational culture and happy employees.

2. a) Creating a software that is good for society because it makes people more efficient.

Intrinsic rewards come from within the employee due to being motivated and having a sense of pleasure and accomplishment.

3. a) The leaders at SAS have a "Theory X" perspective on employee motivation.

Theory X states that workers need supervision and are motivated by pay. This is untrue at SAS, since they believe Good working conditions and security are good motivators.


4. c) Providing safe and pleasing working environments. Hygiene factors and good working conditions are the main reason why staff morale and motivation will be high.

5.c) Has programs focused on work/life balance.

Classical theory includes Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and Herzberg two factor theory as well as theory X and Theory Y.

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