Please answer a and c pwease

Please answer a and c pwease


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step-by-step explanation:

option a, c,d are correct.

step-by-step explanation:

from the given figure, it is given that z is equidistant from the sides of the triangle rst, then from triangle tzb and triangle szb, we have



therefore, by rhs rule,δtzb ≅δszb

by cpctc, sz≅tz

also, from δctz and δasz,



by rhs rule, δctz ≅ δasz, therefore by cpctc, ∠ctz≅∠asz

also,from δasz and δzsb,



by rhs rule, δasz ≅δzsb, therefore, by cpctc, ∠asz≅∠zsb

hence, option a, c,d are correct.

Point z is equidistant from the sides of δrst. which must be true? ctzaszaszzsb

Let's identify what we know and what we are looking for. To start off, the question states that there is a flat rate of 500. This is the y intercept, because you start off with 500. It also states that it charges a fee of 50 per hour, which is your slope. So what we have now is y=50x+500. We know that A is asking how much it will be for 20 hours. We simply plug 20 into x, so we do y=50(20)+500 which gives 1500. For C, we repeat the same step and just plug in 50.

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