1) Use a table or factor tree to write the following as a product of prime factors: b) 345


d. you cannot tell because there are no values shown.

segment bisector

step-by-step explanation:

line segment bisector. definition: a line, ray or segment which cuts another line segment into two equal parts. try this drag one of the orange dots at a or b and note the the line ab always divides the line pq into two equal parts.

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The correct answer is -20y

total tickets sold so far: 75

step-by-step explanation:

total tickets sold : x

number of children tickets sold: 45

45 children's tickets are 60 percent of total tickets sold

45 is 60 percent of x

45 = \frac{60}{100} x

45 = 0.6 * x

\frac{45}{0.6} = x

75 = x

x = 75

total tickets sold so far: 75

ps: the prices of tickets are not needed for solution.

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