Helppp pleasee

Helppp pleasee


I think the question is asking you what your character’s motivation is. In other words, the reason your character is doing the things they are doing; and how what their doing is carrying through the story. I hope this made sense and helped a little bit!

Dear mom,

  Last night I opened the refrigerator and saw a few slices of pizza. I decided to eat them without realizing that you would be taking those slices to work for lunch tomorrow. I sincerely apologize for eating your lunch. I did not realize that you were saving the leftovers for later. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you, please let me know.


Your Name.

774 km

Step-by-step explanation:

Actual distance

=\frac{4.3}{100000}  \times 18000000 \\  \\  = 4.3 \times 180 \\  = 774 \: km


4136 mm = 4136/1000 = 4.136 m = 4.14 m


Since 1 yard = 91.44 cm

Hence, 14.7 yard = 14.7*

91.44 = 1,344.168 cm = 1344 cm


342 inches = 9 yards, 1 ft, 6 inches.


Step-by-step explanation:

Slope is the difference of the y-values divided by the x-value.





Step-by-step explanation:

\frac{4-3}{1-2}=\frac{1}{-1} =-1

( 4,4 )

Step-by-step explanation:

Do you know the answer?

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