Liam bought 2 vintage movie posters, 2 rock posters, and 1 rap poster. He applied a $35 gift card to the total purchase and a 1/2 off coupon to the rap poster. Write and evaluate a numerical expression to show how much did Liam paid for the posters.


Not sure what the question is but i hope this x = years100 * x

answer: the answer is one

step-by-step explanation:

pemdas, in this situation there is no parenthesis or exponents so you go to multiplication, 1x1=1, then division 1/1= 1 then addition 1+1=2 then subtraction 2-1=1

d) by the cross product property, ab^2 = bc multiplied by ad

step-by-step explanation:

we are given

in the given triangle abc

angle a is 90° and segment ad is perpendicular to segment bc

we can see that

triangle(abc) and triangle(abd) are similar because they have common side and same angle (90 degree)

so, triangles(abc) and abd are similar

since, they are similar

so, the ratio of their sides must be equal

we get

\frac{ab}{bc} =\frac{ad}{ab}

now, we can cross multiply

and we get

ab\timesab=ad\times bc

ab^2=ad\times bc

so, this could be step to prove it

Seth is using the figure shown below to prove pythagorean theorem using triangle similarity: in the
Yes, that is the correct formula. to solve this problem given the number of years, plug in the number of years for t and plug the whole thing into the

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