A scientist measures the change in the temperature of a chemical solution At the start of the experiment the solution is at a temperature of -14.96c the temperature decrease 2.9c each hour. Write an expression that cn be used to find the temperature of the solution after 3 hours.


b. f(x) = –√x + 3this is the correct answer


step-by-step explanation:

let's assume

number of candles set =x

price of of x candles =p(x)

we are given

a candle maker prices one set of scented candles at $10 and sells an average of 200 sets each week

so, we get point as (200,10)


he finds that when he reduces the price by $1, he then sells 50 more candle sets each week

so, we can find slope


now, we can use point slope form of line


now, we can plug values


we can use point


and find b

10=-\frac{1}{50}\times 200+b



now, we can plug it back

and we get


now, we can find revenue

we know that

revenue = price*quantity

so, we get

r(x)=x\times p(x)

r(x)=x\times (-\frac{1}{50}x+14)


look at the picture.

y-intercept for the function on a picture is 4 → point (0, 4).

y-intercept for the function


is for x = 0. substitute:


y-intercept is 8 → point (0, 8).

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Answer d; a supplementary angle = 180°, so if that angle = 150°, y would = 30°.
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