What's the diagonal if a square of area 32 cm2?​

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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, GOOBER3838
v = 1/3 a^2hstep-by-step explanation: if the height is 57.7cm and the height of the slant edge is 18.2cm, then the volume is 1/3 a^2h....Read More
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hi how are you doing today? if you ever need just tell mestep-by-step explanation:...Read More
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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, emely1139
Hi, thank you for posting your question here at Brainly.The general equation of a horizontal ellipse is(x-h)2/a2 + (y-k)2/b2 = 1, at center (h,k) while a = semi-major axis, b = sem...Read More
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