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(r/s)(3)Need help with this

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The two sample means are 10 and 12 with variances of 20 and 25Step-by-step explanation:     The formula used for t-statistics is:      Thus t is inversely proportional to s² i.e. v...Read More
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Mathematics, 21.06.2019, neriah30
150Step-by-step explanation:So, 300 divided by 2/5 = 750.When you simplify:750 - 300 = 450 (NOT DONE YET!)450 - 300 = 150150 is the most simplified answer.\...Read More
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B. Step-by-step explanation:If it's similar, all angles have to be the same so rule those out. and then the side lengths have to be proportional. the scale factor on shape b is 2 t...Read More
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