According to a map of Arkansas, a number of good roads connect some of the towns south of Little Rock. The road between
Malvern and Benton is 23 miles long, and between Benton and Pine
Bluff is 62 miles long. The road between Malvern and Sheridan is
28 miles long, and then from Sheridan to Pine Bluff is 22 miles
long. Arkadelphia is connected to two towns: it is 12 miles from
Gurden and 21 miles from Sheridan. Fordyce has three roads to
these towns: 45 miles to Pine Bluff, 39 miles to Sheridan, and 27
miles to Camden. The road from Gurden to Camden is 38 miles.
Unfortunately, the road from Fordyce to Sheridan is closed due to
dangerous road conditions caused by the recent bad weather. Find
the shortest route between each pair of towns:
Malvern and Pine Bluff
Camden and Pine Bluff
Benton and Arkadelphia
Fordyce and Malvern
Benton and Camden



step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

answer: i could not see part the question so ill explain how to get the answer

step-by-step explanation: for instance the distance she travele d is 10 and she traveled the same amout each mile so do 10 divided by how many miles she drove each time and you ge your answer.

12.5 feet

step-by-step explanation:

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