A carpenter goes through 3 1/2 boxes of nails finishing 2/3 of a roof how much would he use finishing the entire roof plz help me ASAP hello plz help m


You cant


the pressure due to the water on the diver is 200,000 pascal

pressure = height × density × acceleration due to gravity

p = 20×1000×10

p=200,000 pascal


If you look at the chemistry behind most brake fluid, it comes from the combination of various types of glycols, which are basically a mixture of non-petroleum and other alcohol-based fluids. After a mixing process, the chemical name gets shortened to “polyglycol”. In addition, there are also high-grade silicone-based fluids, which cannot be mixed with any other type of fluid. So whether it's used in the brake or clutch system, it's important to understand the differences between these common types of brake fluid.

The brake fluid must maintain specific properties. Our brakes can get hot, sometimes up to 1200 degrees, so the fluid needs a high boiling point. Also, because our vehicles experience seasons just as we do, it’s important to have low freezing point as well. On top of maintaining both extremes, it's designed not to damage any rubber components in the brake system.

As a result, the chemical properties found in most brake fluids can permanently dull or damage paint. So be sure to handle with care and be quick to clean any accidental overspills. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, meaning it has a natural tendency to absorb moisture. And over enough time the added moisture can result in corrosion build up or a decreased boiling point. It’s never a bad idea to change your brake fluid every couple of years and try not to leave your reservoir cap off any longer than needed


The total of the exterior angles of a polygon is always 360 degrees.

So if each one is 40, that's 360/40 = 9 sides

9 sides


178 degree interior angle means a two degree exterior angle so 360/2 = 180 sides.

180 sides


A decagon is a 10 gon, so external angles 360/10 = 36 degrees and internal angles that are the supplement, 144 degrees.

high operation temperatures, good low-temperature and viscosity-temperature properties, physical and chemical stability, protection of metals from corrosion, inactivity with respect to mechanical rubber articles, and lubricating effect

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