Prove: AT=ME

please help me

Prove: AT=ME
please help me


Sadly i dont know how to do that
I would say D. The introduction of selective breeding was the most important part of the second ag revolution.

Also the enclosure movement has nothing to do with machinery, it involved taking community-owned village land and sectioning it off with fences to be owned by individuals.
All of the above I’m pretty sure


but I have not understand

Can I get which class r u

Here are some way to doing so :

Be true to yourselfLove unconditionallyIf someone needs a smile, give oneLive your moment and appreciate all that you haveActions speak louder than wordsFind a mission you really care about and get involvedSpread messages of hope to those who are lonely & depressed Lend your hand to those who don't have oneIf something bothers u, speak upLast but not the least, be the change you wish to see in this world

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a 1 vertical angles

2 converse of the same side interior angle theorem

Step-by-step explanation:

<1 = <3 because they are vertical angles

Vertical angles are opposite angles formed by the same lines and sharing a vertex

<2 + <3 = 180  

converse of the same side interior angle theorem

If the angles on the same side between two lines add to 180, this is the same side interior angle theorem

1-Un ambiente que respeta el ambiente es una gran idea general. El uso de la práctica en la flora, la fauna y el entorno natural de esta instalación puede proporcionar a los investigadores información si el entorno se pone en peligro en el área.

2- (Tienes que poner tu propia declaración aquí pero acabo de aceptar)

Creo que los Estados Unidos se enfocan en el medio ambiente ecoturístico, considerando la cantidad de reservas naturales ubicadas allí. El ecoturismo de California del norte, la Asociación de ecoturismo de Hawai y el ecoturismo del estado de Washington son ejemplos de ecoturismo que ofrece caminatas y recorridos gratuitos por la naturaleza.

{Lamento cualquier error en mi español. El español no es mi primer langauge.}

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