Joseph stated that 5/4 is a whole number because it does not repeat as a decimal. Is he correct? Why or Why Not?​

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with btw u said 100pts but it clearly says i answerd and just got 10ptsno hate...Read More
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let x be the money she spent so that she can earn the free t-shirt.since, she already spent $112.49 ⇒[tex]x + 112.49[/tex]also, as per the statement: jennifer must spend $250 or m...Read More
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Answer with explanation:Let be the population mean.Null hypothesis : Alternative hypothesis : Since Alternative hypothesis is left tailed so , the test is a left tailed test.Given...Read More
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1.)El estante esta entre el televisor y la comoda.2.)Mi habitacion ideal__es_bastante grandeComplete the sentence with the correct expression and infinitive.1.) A ella__le toca can...Read More
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