There are 1 chef, 7 assistant chefs, 5 waiters, 8 servers, and 1 host working at Hannah’s restaurant. What percentage of the workers are assistant chefs? Round to the nearest whole percent


fist on the left goes with the third on the right. second on the left goes with the fourth on the right. third on the left goes with the second on the right. the fourth on the left goes with first on the right

Draw lines to match each expression on the left with the correct product on the right.

the expected value of the random variable : 0, 1 and 2

step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

7 of 22 workers are assistant chefs. That is ...

  7/22 × 100% ≈ 31.8181...% ≈ 32%

32% of the workers at Hannah's restaurant are assistant chefs.

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