Kate lives 0.6 miles from her school. which fraction is equivalent to 0.6?

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The function would be .This is in the general form , where a is the initial value, b is the rate it increases by, and x is the amount of time.  For our function, the initial value...Read More
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ANSWERC) the graph of the inverse of h(x) passes the HLTEXPLANATIONThe given equation is This function has an inverse relation which is also a function because the inverse of h(x)...Read More
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all the angles opposite to the angle 150 would be 150 and all the angles that are next to 150 are 30 because they equal 180 it you add it up.step-by-step explanation:...Read More
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b. y = 4x - 2step-by-step explanation: to find a parallel equation to an equation, make sure both equations have the same slope but different y-intercepts.y = 4x + 14 = slope1 = y-...Read More
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