Please answer the question posted . Thankyou.

Please answer the question posted . Thankyou.


What question? Where can I find it? :)

This isn't a educational question but whatever, Get notepad ++. Notepad ++ is the best way to write down notes on your computer and don't worry if your computer crashes, it auto-saves after every letter. Just search up Notepad++ on your browser and you will find it.


Step-by-step explanation:

x^{a/b}= b\sqrt{x}^{a}=\\  (x)(y^{2/9} )=(x)(\sqrt[9]{y^{2} })

cornell notes


How do you take notes ? ? ? i have a very weird way of doing it that takes forever so I'm open for v


Step-by-step explanation: Let me know if you need an explanation.

Do you know the answer?

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